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Hemp Tea - All You Need to Know about This Heavenly Liquid

Have you recently thought of trying hemp tea ? You would love to try it, but you need to know a bit more about it? In case you have any concerns or you wonder if there are any side effects, we might have just the answers you have searched for. The article you will find all the important facts about hemp tea you should know before you use it. So just chill, sit comfortably and continue reading.

Hemp Tea, CBD Tea and Cannabis Tea. What Is the Difference? Is There Any?

Hemp Tea

Yep, for a newbie, it might be a bit confusing. While doing your research you might have come across these terms. If you do not have a clue what is what, never mind. Luckily, you have also bumped into this article so we are going to clear that up for you shortly.

What is CBD Tea?

First, let’s break down the abbreviation CBD. CBD stands for Cannabidiol.Cannabidiol is one of the most essential compounds that are naturally present in hemp plants. It produces in the hemp flowers (while blooming). Do not confuse CBD with THC. CBD does not have a psychoactive effect. Therefore, it does not get you stoned or high.

To cut it short, CBD tea has Cannabidiol. But here comes the tricky part. All hemp flowers contain CBD so all tea that comprises hemp flowers could be called CBD. Some producers also add extra CBD extracts artificially to the tea to increase the CBD concentration.

What is Cannabis Tea?

Producers can make cannabis tea both hemp plants that contain THC and hemp plants that contain CBD. As you know THC can make you high or stoned so before you place your order always double-check.

As long as you are an adult and it is legal in your country, it is up to your choice if you go for cannabis with THC. However, it was scientifically proven that teenagers using cannabis are causing long-lasting damage to their developing brains .

Here Comes the Hemp Tea

Hemp tea is made of hemp flowers and hemp leaves. Either it has only hemp flowers or only hemp leaves or it can be made of both. Hemp tea usually has CBD and CBDA, which are non-psychoactive. CBDA is the acid variety of CBD.


It is always best to go for as natural product as possible. Organic hemp tea does not contain any artificial coloring, sugar or flavors. You can enjoy the goodness of it in its pure natural form.

4 Main Benefits of Hemp Tea

  1. It helps with anxiety. Many people suffer from anxiety world-wide. The pandemic situation only made the problem worse. In fact young people's anxiety levels nearly doubled during the first Covid-19 lockdown . Hemp tea affects the brain’s receptors for serotonin, which has an anxiety-relieving effect.
  2. It can help you sleep. Several research studies revealed that CBD in hemp helps with REM sleep disorders. CBD interacts with the receptors in the brain that are responsible for the body’s daily sleep and wake cycles.
  3. It can reduce chronic pains. It naturally produces endocannabinoids. These are neurotransmitters that are effectively reducing pain. It can work with neuropathic pain, rheumatoid arthritis or cancer. However, there is still ongoing research on that matter.
  4. It has an anti-inflammatory effect. Many people who suffer from inflammatory diseases use hemp as a neuropathic treatment.

Hemp Tea is Worth Trying

Hemp tea has undoubtedly many benefits. While some are still being researched others are already proven.

Hemp tea can help you fight anxiety and sleeping disorders.

Natural hemp tea does not contain any artificial additives or sugar. Therefore, it is a pure natural remedy.

What would you like to use hemp tea for? Have you tried it before? Could you recommend hemp tea to others?

Please do not hesitate and share your opinion with us.