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Hockey Betting Strategy: + 60%

The essence of this strategy is to increase your profit by 60%. The main thing to remember is that in no case should you lose 5 bets in a row, by the way, the coefficient of which should not be less than 1.7. According to many bookmakers and analysts, such a coefficient corresponds to 56% probability. Therefore, the chances of losing 5 times in a row with such a coefficient are extremely small - somewhere around 0.05%. Learn about this effective strategy to apply it when betting at

How to bet in a 60+ strategy?

First, you need to divide your game account exactly into 5 parts. The following ratio should be obtained:

  • the first part should be 1%;
  • the second part - 3.5%;
  • the third part - 9.5%;
  • the fourth part - 24.5%;
  • the fifth part - 61.5%.

When you make bets, remember that they are made in parts. That is, the first bet should be 1% of your game budget. If you are not lucky, then make the second bet, but already with the part, which equals 3.5%. And so on. Follow the same scheme until you win. When this happens, start all over again.

It does not matter, what stage you are lucky at, you will still remain in the black, having won back the previous bets. The most amazing thing is that the winnings in the case when you win 5 times or win 1 time, but at 5 stake, will ultimately be equal. Therefore, it is better not to worry about the fact that some bet will not play, because this makes no sense. In no case should you make all bets at once or even several bets, so you can upset the balance of this strategy. First, make the first bet on hockey, then, if you do not play, the second, etc. - only in that order.

Tips for Beginners

Every beginner should remember the main rule for his whole great career as a bettor - a strategy is always needed, otherwise you will merge all accumulations. The key to winning is choosing the right management. A lot happens in sports: outsiders win favorites, and incredible combos happen, etc. And here you can only help the right system.

In general, the system in the betting business is called the complicated form of the express, when you can win even if you make a mistake. This is not about this, but about such a thing as a hockey betting system.