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How Much will Your Scalp Micropigmentation Cost?

You're thinking about getting a hair tattoo, but it's hard to see how much does the scalp micropigmentation cost? It is because scalp micropigmentation is so individual that it is almost impossible to create a single price list.

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is a permanent method in which we introduce ink into the upper layers of the skin using a super-thin needle, creating the impression of hair follicles. The procedure is performed by a trained expert who tattoos every single hair on the scalp.

Scalp micropigmentation is increasingly popular among people from all over the world across gender or race. Hair loss doesn't choose its victim. With micropigmentation, you can solve not only balding but also thinning hair, cover up scars that do not grow hair, or, for example, adjust too tall forehead and other facial proportions.

What Is the Prize for a Scalp Micropigmentation?

Various online sources offer approximate price lists that you can at least navigate by. But the price will never be accurate because it is influenced by several factors.

What factors influence the price?

  • The stage of your baldness number of sessions
  • Skin and hair type
  • Scars, moles, freckles
  • Ink
  • Clinic, artist

The stage of your baldness

There are several reasons for hair loss. Genetics is among the most common, especially among men in early adulthood. Diseases are another factor. Among the most common are Alopecia Areata, an autoimmune disease that affects men, women, but also children and manifests itself with bald wheels. Other causes of hair loss are caused by certain types of medication and diseases associated with them, such as poor thyroid function, diabetes, or even mental illnesses such as eating disorders.

For an idea of what stage of baldness you're currently in, check out the male and female baldness pattern . Of course, the more advanced the stadium you are in, the higher the price of Scalp micropigmentation will be.

Number of the sessions

It's not often that just one session is enough. You can do this if you just want to tweak the hairline a little or cover up a minor scar in your hair. In other cases, again depending on the extent of the procedure, expect at least two to three sessions.

Skin and hair type

In case your skin is extremely sensitive, parched, or even atopic, or very thick, the price of Scalp micropigmentation may rise because of the special care and careful handling of your skin needs.

Hair type, hair density, hairstyle, color are other factors that can influence the price of micropigmentation.

Scars, moles, freckles

If you have lots of places on your scalp that need special care, such as birthmarks, large freckles, or scars, it can also affect the resulting cost.


The poor pigment can fade faster or even turn green. Check the brand of ink the clinic is working with. For the most part, higher quality ink brands offer a larger color spectrum.

Clinic, artist

If we can advise you, with scalp micropigmentation and similar interventions, opt for certified clinics with a good name. Clinics of good repute cannot afford to work in a non-sterile environment or to do a poorly done, sloppy job.

While you will certainly find dubious individuals who will offer you a lower price than larger clinics, remember the inflammation and unsightly outcomes that are best avoided.

Although SM is not among the cheapest procedures, it is permanent. Hair tattoos can last longer than three years with the right care. It will help you find a sense of confidence again, and you will live life to the fullest again. Get your free consultation today!